woking pressure 10 bar rotary hose in drilling rig

Rotary Drilling Hose - Slim Hose & up to 4000psi

Rotary drilling hose assely often carries high-pressure drilling liquids from the top of the mud standpipe to the rotary swivel. Rotary hose, especially slim hose, is often used on small or medium-size drilling rigs such as water well operations, water well, water well core drill and other appliions. Flexible rotary/drill hose can carry mud or air. Our rotary hose is often equipped …

Kelly Hose - 5000 psi & Various end Fittings

Kelly hose is used to connect the standpipe to the swivel. It allows the drill string to be raised and lowered while the drill fluid is pumped through it. Kelly line usually contains two layers of plated steel cables to reach 5000 psi operating pressure. Inside tube is made of special NBR to improve abrasion and corrosion capability. Rubber cover is compatible with the ozone, sunlight and oils

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at a working pressure of about 50 bar, equipped with 4”- 5” flexible hosesand rigid pipes.Soilmec has developed special concrete pumps for piles. Theyare crawler-mounted concrete pumps equip-ped with watertank and air compressor to let the pump autonomously cleanthe concrete hopper and the concrete delivery line up to the CFA bit. Construction stages …


Gates Black Gold® rotary hoses handle working pressures as high as 7,500 psi while remaining flexible enough to move up and down with the top drive. The hose cover withstands gouging, harsh weather, oil and other corrosive fluids common at drilling sites. Stainless steel armor is available upon request. Temperature Range: -4°F to 180°F (-20°C to 82°C) Meets or …

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A dual rotary drilling rig (formerly known as a Barber drilling rig) has two drives, comprising a lower hydraulic drive that clamps onto the exterior of the drive casing and an upper top-head drive to rotate the inner drill string. In the dual rotary drilling process, an outer drill casing is advanced using the lower drive that can be telescoped from larger to smaller casing diameters (e.g

Kill Hose - High Pressure & Stripwound Cover

Kill hose connects the mud pumps to a connection below a BOP which allows fluid to be pumped into the well or annulus with the BOP closed during well control operations. Inside diameter ranges from 2 1/2inch to 4inch with lengths up to 110 feet (50 meter). Four high-tensile wire cable spirals are the most important load-bearing elements. The maximum operating pressures for …

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DTH Drilling Rig. DTH Drilling Rig; Crawler Drilling Rig. Crawler Drilling Rig; [email protected] 0086 21 3783 1829. Diesel Portable Air Compressor. Working Power : 32-522 [ kw ] Free Air Delivery : 120-1638 [ cfm ] Working Pressure : 8-35 [ bar ] Details > Belt & Direct-driven Air Compressor. Working Power : 5-400 [ kw ] Free Air Delivery : 28-2507 [ cfm ] Working …

Specifiion of ZJ40LDB 1300HP Drilling Rig

specifiion of zj40/2250ldb drilling rig section egory a hoisting equipment b rotary equipment c pumping and high pressure discharge system d low pressure mud system e prime movers / transmission / electric f auxiliary equipmpnt g blowout prevention and well control equipment h rig floor equipment k parameters recording/indiing equipment m safety …

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the required depth by a rotary drilling rig. The lower end of the drill string is fitted with a nozzle holder and a laterally mounted jet grouting nozzle. Step 2: A jetting fluid (water and/or binder suspension depending on the type of jet grouting process) is pumped through the jet grouting nozzle at high pressure (400 - 600 bar). This produces a high-energy "cutting jet" which …

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n High Pressure for DTH Drilling Appliions: A dual-stage high-pressure compressor and air system allow high-pressure DTH drilling at 500 psi (34.4 bar), 350 psi (24.1 bar), or rotary drilling at 150 psi (10.33 bar). n Bucyrus Hammer-Tricone Pipe Rack: Reduces change time when switching from tricone drilling to DTH drilling,

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• Large range of working tools (all piling and drilling works can be performed) Max. hydraulic pressure 350 bar Hydraulic fl ow 550 l/min Display for vibrating. 10 LRB 155 Hydraulic hammer Model H 85 Effective length – 21 m Display for impact driving Technical data Hammer model H 85/7 H 85/5* Ram weight 7000 kg 5000 kg Max. rated energy 83 kNm 60 kNm Blow rate 45 …

Liebherr LB-16 Rotary Drilling Rig

10.7 23mm/U 50 20 108 6 4 2 0 bar 12.4 400 300 100 0 bar Display for double rotary drilling *) Other drilling diameters available on request. Technical data Drilling drive I - torque 1st gear 83 kNm Drilling drive I - speed 1st gear 14 rpm Drilling drive I - torque 2nd gear 41 kNm Drilling drive I - speed 2nd gear 28 rpm

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World Rig Supply ROTARY HOSE, Grade D Rotary and Vibrator Hose • API 7K-FSL1 5,000 PSI W.P \ 10,000 PSI TEST Features: • API 7K Construction: • Reinforcement: Two high strength steel cables • Cover: Ozone, petroleum and abrasion resistance • Tube: Oil resistant for petroleum drilling fluids • End Fittings: API male nipples, threaded or buttweld hammer …

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The above is the search results for Chinese Drilling Rig Hose, click for more recommended manufacturers & suppliers listings such as rotary hose, drilling hose, flexible hose. The global chemicals industry faces economic and environmental pressures, that''s why many of our suppliers like Drilling Rig Hose factory are always innovating to provide more effective, …

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DR-120 kelly bar rotary drilling rig P roduct Details The maximum drilling depth of this rig is 30M, and the drilling diameter is 500-1600MM. Equipped with automatic mast vertical adjustment and automatic body reset functions. Our products have obtained CE / SGS / ISO and other produact quality certifiions. More information welcome you advice. P arameter : Working …

Sea water rubber hose assely with vulcanised flanges

2/1/2017· 10 bar. Working temperature. 20°C. Assely technology. vulcanised flanges. Testing. 30 bar/hydrostatic. Description: rubber hose assely with vulcanized flanges DN200 PN 10 made of carbon steel at both ends. Overall length 12500 mm.

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Rotary Hose Are large I.D high pressure flexible rubber steel lines used to connect the swivel to the standpipe. Made of heavy rubber and steel cables the hose is basicly flexible piping that allows the Kelly and the bit and drill string to be raised and lowered while the drilling fluid is pumped through drill string. lowering the drill string and pumping drilling mud is very important …

Kelly Hose Drilling Rig, API 7K, China Manufacturer

10/3/2021· Kelly Hose Drilling Rig, API 7K, China Manufacturer. Contact PME Sales Team if you require oilfield hoses listed as below. High Pressure Drilling Hose. API 7K Certified. OD: 2". Working Pressure 5000 psi. Email: [email protected] Cell / WhatsApp: +86 138 1899 0736. Scan QR for more about Shanghai PME Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Jingbo Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd., founded in 1986,has 30 years’ experience in the oilfield hoses area and is the leading manufacturer of Kelly Hose, Rotary Vibrator Drilling Hose, Choke & Kill Hose,BOP Hose,Cementing Hose,Rotary Decoking Hose and hammer union.

Rotary Vibrator Hose / Mud Hose / Cementing Hose

Drilling rotary and vibrator hoses (High Pressure Drilling Hoses) are designed as API 7K Spec as the flexible connection between the standpipe and swivel for pumping mud at a very high pressure in oil drilling and exploration. This hose features high strength spiral steel wire reinforcement which provides a very flexible connection capable of withstanding high pumping …

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Rotary and Vibrator Hose Used to convey high-pressure drilling liquids (mud) in drilling rigs, rotary and vibrator hoses are at the core of the drilling process. GoldenDrill™ hoses by Manuli come in a variety of sizes (between 2” and 4”) and pressure ratings (4,000psi to 7,500psi) to suit most appliions. Manufactured to API 7K, FSL 1, and drawing on Manuli’s extensive …

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18/9/2021· DR-90 Kelly Bar Rotary Drilling Rig P roduct Details The overall structure of the drilling rig is compact and compact, and it is mostly used for small-scale engineering construction. The maximum drilling depth of the drilling rig is 15m, and the drilling diameter is 450-1500mm. It can be used with various types of drill bits for construction. It is suitable for …

Kelly Rotary Drilling Hoses for Oilfield Rig - kelly hose

Kelly hose or Kelly line connecting the standpipe to the swivel, is made of special NBR tube, two layers of spiral steel cables and abrasion-resistant cover. Read more about Kelly Hose → Rotary Drilling Hose. Rotary drilling hose is used to convey drilling liquids from the top of mud standpipe to the rotary swivel. Operating pressure up to

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Chemicals are used in daily life. Drilling Rotary Hoses and Air Pressure Rubber Hoses, Epdm Rubber Hoses, Petroleum Hoses products are commonly for chemical use. A few examples, d

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SWIVEL Type: SL 225, Working Pressure : 5000 PSI (343 Bar ) , Load Capacity : 250 TONS. KELLY SPINER Type and Size: Forum Oilfield Tech.IA6C600 AIR Powered , Power: C 600. STAND PIPE 4’’ 5k PSI. ROTARY HOSE 4" 5k PSI. POWER SYSTEM 2X erpillar C18 - 600Volt - Power rating:766HP, 571kW - Gardener & Denver Air compressor. MUD SYSTEM …

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600 series drilling rig whole system comes standard imported brands of high-power engine, hydraulic system uses constant-power variable piston pump system pressure higher . click more. Hand Hole Jack Hammer. It’s suitable for drilling of horizontal or inclined holes on the medium-hard and hard rock. click more. KES Series Stationary Screw Air Compressor. Flow rate: 0.31 …

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DRILLING MUD VIBRATOR AND JUMPER HOSE, AND ROTARY HOSE This standard covers all types of hoses specified in clause 9.10 of API Spec 7K. The defini- tions of terms contained in clauses 3.0 and 9.10.1 of API Spec 7K shall apply. A.1 Hose length A.1.1 ROTARY HOSE LENGTH In order to avoid kinking rotary hose, the length of hose and height of standpipe …

Oilfield Kelly Drilling Rotary Hoses - API 7K Approved

Rotary hose, Kelly hose, cement hose, mud hose, jumper hose and vibrator hose and choke & kill hoses are the most popular oilfield rubber hoses. They convey high-pressure drilling fluid from one place to another. Many end fittings are provided to satisfy different appliions. Most end fittings are made according to API standards. Special order is also available.

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This MI55 is the first true zero emissions drilling rig, thanks to its two electric motors. Just delivered, is already working in Milan, Italy, at a great depth and diameter well. Thanks to its pull up of 55 tons and a rotary head torque of 23.500 Nm, the MI55 can indeed arrive up to 1400 m. The special feature of this drilling rig, however, is

Liebherr LB-25 Rotary Drilling Rig Technical Data Sheet

Rotary drive - speed rpm 58 Max. drilling diameter* mm 1000 Low Head Standard leader Folding leader Drilling depth without Kelly extension m 10.1 16.1 18.1 Drilling depth with 6 m Kelly extension m 16.1 22.1 24.1 Max. pull force kN 700 700 700 Above drilling depths take into account that an auger cleaner is used and the cardan joint has been